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Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning is the MD and DE Eastern Shore’s Premier SoftWash Roof Cleaning Contractor.

Learn more through our FAQs about roof stains.

What areas do you serve?

We provide non-pressure softwash roof cleaning in:

Salisbury, MD
Milsboro, DE
Ocean Pines, MD
Chincoteague, VA
Ocean City, MD
Lewes, DE
Rehoboth, DE
Fenwick Island, DE
Cambridge, MD
Seaford, DE
Smyrna, DE
Ocean View, DE
Bethany Beach, DE
Milford, DE
Dagsboro, DE
Selbyville, DE
Berlin, MD
Milton DE
Annapolis , MD
Millville DE
Easton. MD

Is your service guaranteed?

Absolutely! Our service is covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your roof will look drastically better with proven same day results. Some heavier growths, such as lichen and moss will be killed the day of treatment but may take a while to release their grip on the shingles with a bit of time and a few rains. If you are unhappy with the cleaning results on your roof, we will return and retreat the areas in question at no charge to you.

How long will my roof stay clean after treatment?

While it depends upon your conditions, most roofs will remain clear of visible stains for several years.

Will the treatment harm the environment?

No. The combination of cleaners that we use and the procedures that we follow assure that there will be no adverse affect on the environment or your plants and landscaping. Our process is people and pet friendly too.

Will my roof be harmed during the cleaning process?

Not at all. Our non-pressure SoftWash application will not cause damage to your roof. In fact, our process is the one recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association for cleaning shingles under warranty.

Does my roof need to be replaced?

Probably not. Many roofs can have the algae and discoloration removed using our low impact cleaners and treatments, returning them to a newer-looking appearance without damage. In the old days, shingles were replaced because the tar dried up and the shingles become brittle and leaks would begin to occur. But this usually only happened twenty five or more years after the shingles were installed. A proper roof cleaning can help you shingle roof get the long life span it was designed to have.

Why is my roof discolored?

Most roof stains are caused by an algae called Gloeocapsa magma. The algae is airborne and can land on any roof at any time. It usually grows first and fastest on the north facing portions of your home. The algae is a tiny plant and the stains typically only become visible after they have grown unchecked for awhile. There typically is no immediate danger but if allowed to grow too long, the plant life holds moisture on the roof and this allows moss and other things to grow and that is where the roof life really begins to be affected in a negative way. It is not uncommon to have an algae “bloom”.

People often tell us that they noticed some discoloration and then all of a sudden one season it just spread like wildfire. This is because although the algae spores are present all over your roof, they need a certain amount of moisture to germinate. More plants mean more moisture and more moisture means more plants.

Call us to stop the cycle before any damage can occur.

These roof cleaning pictures are some that we have collected from the past several years while cleaning roofs on the Maryland and Delaware coast. As you can see, these roofs now look like new for a fraction of the cost of replacement! Contact us today for your free roof cleaning estimate.

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Why is it Important To Clean Your Roof?

A dirty roof is not just an eyesore that reduces the curb appeal of a home but could also be a disaster in the making. Regardless of how painstakingly you clean the rest of the structure, an unsightly roof still tends to stand out and could be a big expense in the long run.

A Dirty Roof is Prone to Damage

The roof is home to dangerous organisms including lichens, moss and algae and these organisms do great damage. They feed on the shingles and eventually cause the wood under the shingles to rot. When the rot is expansive, the roof could collapse, causing extensive damage and incredible loss.

In addition to the obvious risk, rotting wood on the roof creates the ideal condition for the growth of mold. Mold poses serious health risks to all the residents and should be removed immediately.

Luckily, the organisms that damage roofs can be removed very easily. Roof cleaning is one effective and inexpensive way to keep a roof not only looking great but also free of damaging organisms. Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning professionals can use their pressure washing technique to safely remove the buildup and make your roof last longer.

Dirty Roofs Increase Energy Costs

If you are spending more than you should on cooling your home during summer, it is possible that your roof is the culprit. When a roof is covered by moss, it no longer reflects sunlight efficiently, resulting in overheating. Cooling such a home requires more energy than would be the case if the roof was properly cleaned.

Insurance Coverage

The insurance policy that you have taken for your home could also get revoked because of a dirty roof. Knowing the risks that a dirty roof poses on the home, many insurance companies now insist that roofs are kept clean. Insurance companies do not wish to take the risk of claims arising from problems caused by dirty roofs. Rather than risk having your home’s coverage withdrawn, contact Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning and schedule a “softwash” cleaning.

Some homeowners actually believe that damages to the roof are covered by the warranty provided by the roofing company or shingle manufacturer. This may be only partly true. Any warranty may be voided should the roof get damaged and the insurer is able to prove that the damage was caused by neglect.

Restore The Beauty of the House

Nothing stands out more (for the wrong reasons) than a dirty roof. If you wish to make your home more physically appealing both to the residents and visitors, the first thing you should consider cleaning is the roof. Roof cleaning is especially important if you are considering listing the home for sale. Research has proved that pressure washing the house (and the roof) could increase the value of the property by thousands of dollars. When you consider the small price Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning charges for its professional services, it certainly pays to get your roof professionally cleaned.

When a roof is neglected to the extent that it starts leaking, it could cause widespread damage. Leaking roofs cause ceilings to rot and dirty streaks to appear, necessitating a more comprehensive and expensive cleaning.

A properly cleaned roof could last a lifetime; yet ignoring a dirty roof might mean that it will have to be replaced sooner than was anticipated. The homeowner who neglects roof cleaning only invites trouble as the cost of roof cleaning is just a fraction of the cost of roof replacement. Obtaining the services of Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning will save a homeowner the agony of having to re-roof.

While roof cleaning is important, it would be a mistake to entrust it to the wrong people. The roof is delicate and it could get damaged if cleaned without following proper cleaning standards. To make sure that you are not burdened with an additional repair bill after cleaning, only entrust your roof cleaning to the pros.

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