Power Washing

Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning‘s softwashing services will renew many features on your property.

At Kendall, we pride ourselves on our expert roof and house washing. But our expertise does not stop there!

Using our softwash technology, we can remove what looks like years of grime, mold and mildew from many other surfaces around your home or property.

Why use the softwash process?

Here at Kendall, we do not use high pressure applications that can actually do damage during a cleaning process. Hard and wood surfaces are everywhere – walkways, curbing, patios, decking, even metal buildings. Our softwash technique uses custom cleaning solutions –  mixed on site – plus low water pressure to gently restore surfaces.

Restoring brick

Brick has special cleaning requirements. Although brick is generally durable, it does require special care. Too much pressure can damage your brick and mortar surfaces, requiring expensive repairs.

With the detergent-based softwash process, the beauty of the brick can be seen again. This system allows our technicians to gently apply algaecides and fungicides at a low pressure to kill discoloring components.

Some of our expert Power Washing jobs are shown below. Click on any image to see a larger version:

Rust Removal

Have you tried without success to get rid of ugly rust stains?

With a new breakthrough in technology, there is now a solution that can be applied to remove those ugly rust stains from vinyl siding, metal, concrete and fences. Kendall has that solution!

Cleaning Hardscapes

Hard surfaces such as stone and concrete will not withstand the harshness of high-pressure cleaning…they would be easily pitted and damaged. Once again, our softwash process with proper solutions is the answer!

Gutter Cleaning

Add gutter cleaning to your exterior cleaning services, and get the perfect “finishing touch” for your house washing investment. Our specialists use a scrub brush with a “secret” cleaning solution to restore the whiteness in your gutters and rid them of stains.

You may have never heard of gutter whitening before, but it’s a great add-on process to remove those ugly stains. Before buying new gutters, allow us to do a free gutter whitening demo for you. You’ll be impressed by what we can achieve!

Deck Cleaning and Restoration

At Kendall, we enjoy not only cleaning customers’ decks, but restoring and staining them as well.

To begin, we first tap in any nail heads that have popped up. Next, we pressure wash any dirt, mold, and mildew away. Last, we apply a wood brightener to restore the decks natural color.

At this point, it is necessary to let the your deck dry for 2-3 days. When we return, we will sand the deck as needed to create a smooth surface to walk on that will accept a stain.  Finally, we will stain with the deck color or sealer of your choice.

Composite decking resists splitting, is splinter-free, and it doesn’t warp like treated wood decking, but one thing it does just like wood is get dirty. Our softwash process will make it look new again!

Our cleaning processes are also used on docks, steps, walkways and fences for beautiful results.

Cedar Roof Cleaning and Cedar Shake Cleaning

For more information on our prorietary Cedar Shake Cleaning methods and solutions, please click here Cedar Shake Cleaning

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Certified Powerwashing and Roof Cleaning

We know your home is your pride and joy! Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning's techs are both certified and insured to leave you at ease! Sit back and relax while you leave the power washing and roof cleaning to the pros! Every washing job is backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Call me, Lee, today to see why I out clean the rest!

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