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Protect your roof and extend its lifespan with our softwash roof cleaning service. The hot and humid climate in Berlin, Maryland can cause your roof to accumulate algae, lichen, and moss, which can lead to rot and deterioration. Our gentle softwash method uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions and low pressure to safely remove all dirt and debris without damaging your roof. Our team has the expertise and experience to restore your roof’s appearance and prevent future damage.

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House Powerwashing

Restore the beauty of your home with our professional house washing service. Berlin’s hot and humid climate can cause your home’s exterior to accumulate dirt, grime, and other debris. Our team uses a powerful pressure washing system and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to safely and effectively remove all dirt and stains from your home’s exterior. We take great care to protect your landscaping and other delicate features, ensuring that your home looks its best.

Window Cleaning

Get crystal clear windows with our professional window cleaning service. The hot and humid climate in Berlin, Maryland can cause a buildup of dirt and grime on your windows, which can cause them to appear cloudy and dull. Our team uses a combination of traditional and modern cleaning methods to ensure that your windows are completely spotless. We use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and take great care to protect your window frames and sills

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Gutter Cleaning

Protect your home’s foundation and prevent water damage with our professional gutter cleaning service. The heavy rainfall in Berlin, Maryland can cause your gutters to accumulate leaves, debris, and other materials, which can lead to clogs and water damage. Our team uses powerful equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove all debris from your gutters and downspouts. We also inspect your gutters for damage and make any necessary repairs to ensure that they are functioning properly.

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Gutter Cleaning Berlin MD 21811

I recently had Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning clean my gutters, and they did a fantastic job. They were prompt, professional, and made sure to clean up all debris after they finished. They even took the time to inspect my gutters for any damage and provided me with some helpful tips for maintaining them. I highly recommend their services to anyone in the Berlin area. - Jason McKinley

House Washing Berlin MD 21811

Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning did a fantastic job on my house! I was so impressed with their attention to detail and how thorough they were with their cleaning. My house looks brand new again, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I highly recommend them to anyone in the area looking for a top-quality cleaning service!" -Maurice Dublin

Gutter Cleaning Berlin MD

I hired Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning to clean the windows on my home, and I was blown away by the results. They were able to remove all the dirt and grime that had accumulated on my windows over time, and they even took the time to clean the window frames and sills. Their attention to detail is second to none, and I highly recommend them to anyone in the Berlin area looking for a professional window cleaning service." -Deb Bennet

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