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From roof cleaning to powerwashing, we can take care of all of your needs! With our state of the art low pressure washing system, we can clean cedar or asphalt roofs, all siding and decking material there are. As a locally owned and operated powerwashing company, we know that reputation is everything and we work our hardest to be the best!

Ocean View Power Wash and Roof Cleaning


The Ocean View power washing and roof cleaning professionals at Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning know how to safely and effectivley clean any material on your home. From roofs to decks to driveways we have the proper methods for each.


Ocean View Roof Cleaning – This type of cleaning calls for a low pressure cleaning that uses a solution to do 100% of the work. Our cleaning solution rids your roof immediately of all black stains and green moss growth. Our cleaning does not use any high pressure, or power washer. All of our work is garunteed clean the same day, no waiting around for it to rain and rinse.


Ocean View Power Washing– All house powerwashing packages are a FULL house wash. Which means that this includes everything from the exterior of your gutters to the foudnation. We believe in every one of our jobs looking the best possible in order to preserve our reputation, which means we will not only clean one part of your home. For the best possible clean, give us a call today or fill out the form below!