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From roof cleaning to powerwashing, we can take care of all of your needs! With our state of the art low pressure washing system, we can clean cedar or asphalt roofs, all siding and decking material there are. As a locally owned and operated powerwashing company, we know that reputation is everything and we work our hardest to be the best!

Easton Maryland, Roof Cleaning and Powerwashing Service

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When your looking for the best roof cleaning and powerwashing company that serves Easton Maryland, look no further than the profesionals at Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning! 443-880-7011

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Easton Maryland Roof Cleaning Service!


When it comes to Easton Md roof cleaning, look no further! Does your roof have black stains or even green moss growing on it? At Kendall Roof Cleaning, we can have your roof looking like new, for a fraction of the cost! Our low pressure roof cleaning system, allows us to clean your Easton roof from the gutter line, without setting foot on your roof! No pressure or powerwashers are ever used on your roof. Our state of the art low pressure system gently aplies the cleaner to your shingle at rain water pressure, which means no damage! For all of your Easton roof cleaning questions, please give us a call today! 443-880-7011


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Salisbury Roof Cleaning
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Easton Maryland Powerwashing/Housewashing


When attention to detail is what your looking for on your Easton Maryland Powerwashing look no further! From siding washing to soffit and gutter cleaning, all of our powerwashing is done with what is called a “softwash method.” This method means that no pressure is used on your siding, 99% of the washing effect is done with our solutions! If an extermely clean and bright home is what your looking for, give the Easton powerwashing pro’s a call today!



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